What am I Pledging?


You’re pledging to have a female director option every time you triple-bid a production for a client. Once she sends her bid, you recommend the best person for the job, man or woman. Your choice, no obligations. By introducing your clients to women’s treatments you’ll give women a voice and a chance to present their creative. Many women can’t compete with male directors’ reels after years of gender bias. Doing this you’ll open your self to hearing women’s creative take in a way you probably never did. Women are usually only invited to bid on stereotypical female work. If you can’t find a woman you’re pledging to free this bid and make it diverse as possible in any other way you find fit. We all know there’s a crying need for all diversity. We believe you will be surprised with the creative voices you’ll discover and feel good about the change you help cultivate.


You’re pledging to ask your ad agency for one female bid on every commercial you’re producing and to free the bid to more diversity when ever it’s possible.


You’re pledging to support women directors and consider signing more women so you can meet the new demand this initiative will create. You’re also pledging to try and help unsigned women to bid on jobs if they’re approached by ad agencies. We will let you know when those options arise.


Almost there you fighter.
Fill this up really quick and you officially pledged to #FreeTheBid.