Production Company

These Brands, Ad Agencies, Guardians and Production Companies have joined the movement to #FreeTheBid!
For more information on what the #FreeTheBid pledge entails, visit our PLEDGE PAGE.

Katie Stern, Mishka Brown, and Andrea Theodore
Washington Square Films
Violaine Etienne
Serial Pictures
Sally Campbell
Johnny Parker
Hey Baby
Krysse Mello
Barry Company
Lisa Mehling
Chelsea Pictures
Philippa Thomas
Thomas Thomas Films
Rebecca Skinner
Superprime Films
Kitty Turley & Belle Palmer
Strange Beast
Estelle Weir
Someplace Nice
Zach Mortensen and Mark De Pace
Ghost Robot
Paula Cohen & Susan Horn Toffler
Natalie Sakai
Contagious LA
Mario Fornies
The Corner Shop
The Corner Shop