This month, we’ve received some amazing statistics from our friends at FCB about Free The Bid’s implementation. FCB is one of the agencies that took the pledge to #freethebid early on, and they’ve been seeing overwhelmingly positive results of giving women an equal shot!


“This is a 6 months update for the Free The Bid initiative from a Chicago perspective.

We’ve included a female director for consideration in 95% of our production bids. A female director was awarded the job on 30% of the projects.

We haven’t tracked the numbers in absolute detail beforehand but we looked at the last 24 months and our best approximation is the following:
Before the initiative roughly 40% of all bids included a female director, now we are at 95%. Before the initiative roughly 10% of all bids resulted in a female director, now we are at 30%.

This is very strong progress and shows the impact of this important initiative.”

Michael Fassnacht, CEO & President, FCB


If you’re a pledged agency, we’d love to hear your good news too! Contact us with more info on how Free The Bid has impacted your bidding process!