Elisha Smith-Leverock

Production Company: Markenfilm
Website: Website

Elisha’s grew up on army bases around the world. Her film obsession may have begun as a toddler when her parents thought she was asleep in a cinema where they were watching Friday the 13th. Or it might’ve been on summer evenings at drive-in cinemas sitting on the roof of her Dad’s car. Either way, film has always been emotive, memorable and transportive for this director who splits her time between Berlin and London.

From that early love of image came the pursuit of photography. Her work capturing the gothic anarchy of Berlin’s music scene in the early 2000s led to a place studying photography at the city’s prestigious Lette Verien. Not to mention a short-lived music career as the screaming frontwoman of the transatlantic two piece Disco Arms, Disco Legs who’s most notable single was “David has Chlamydia” and whose gigs were notable for the band’s habit of throwing sausages at their audience.

After she graduated and the band split, Elisha had her work published in magazines such as Dazed & Confused, Bon, and 032c before returning her focus to moving image. Since, Elisha has directed commercials, fashion films and award winning experimental shorts, that have toured the world in a variety of festivals and exhibitions.

Elisha is represented by Double Agent (UK)