Debbie Anzalone

Production Company: Dark Energy Films,Hoben
Website: Website

Debbie received a master’s from the Royal College of Art in London where she specialised in photography and film. She is an award-winning director and has made work across different genres: documentary films, commercials, content and docu-dramas, covering a variety of subjects. She was named outstanding new talent to look out for by Shots magazine, with pick of the weeks in Campaign magazine, and has won several awards for her COI Anti-knife Crime campaign ‘It Doesn’t Have to Happen, ’ two short docu-dramas based on real testimonies. Her acclaimed documentary ‘Ordinary Magic’, with music composed by Michael Nyman, screened at a number of festivals worldwide. Debbie has since made work for Channel 4, BBC, Samsung, Bacardi, COI, Samaritans, Aviva, Boots N7, Christies, Tate, Sky Arts and many more. Her work is characterised by exquisite attention for detail and her ability to create beautiful imagery while connecting with her contributors and actors she works with, drawing out the humanity from each performance.