Astrid Salomon

Production Company: Rabbit,Gesas
Website: Website

Born in the GDR, as a little child she often dreamt of the other side, trying to really focus on the foggy distance, up there, with the nose on the window of the Berlin Fernsehturm, imagining it full of colours and candy and everything would smell like it did in the ‘Intershop’, where her parents would spent a few big notes to buy the occasional westgerman chocolate. Now, many years after the country finally opened their borders, she recalls that part of childhood as the real start to imagine stories, that most likely never happened. Astrid currently lives in Berlin Kreuzberg and enjoys that very much.

‘Working as a photographer for many years, and still do for every other project, I learned about distilling an essence of a character for a picture, which I wanted to create. This helps me now in my work as a director, to be able to weave more into that and choose what to leave out and what to push further.’